Mesenchymal stem cells are multipotent stem cells. This means that they can differentiate into a variety of cell types, including osteoblasts (bone cells), chondrocytes (cartilage cells), adipocytes (fat cells) and even nerve cells and nerve insulation.


Adipose (fat) tissue Adipose tissue contains the highest density of stem cells, yielding up to fifty times more stem cells than bone marrow (BMAC). Dr. Yadava personally collects the patient’s adipose tissue under image guidance in our onsite procedural suite. This is accomplished utilizing local anesthesia. Once Dr. Yadava determines the most appropriate location for collection of the fat tissue, the procedure typically takes less than fifteen minutes. The most frequently utilized area is referred to as the “love handles”. However, the abdomen or thighs may also be utilized.

Adipose Vs. Bone Marrow Derived Stem Cells


Bone Marrow Bone marrow extraction is another way to harvest stem cells. The evidence reveals that marrow cells differentiate into less types of tissues than fat cells. The fact is that once an individual is over the age of 40, the stem cell concentration in bone marrow is decreased by 70% while the stem cell concentration in fat stays relatively stable. Bone marrow extraction is done by needle aspiration. It is taken from the back portion of a patient’s iliac crest (pelvis). Dr. Yadava is proficient at this technique and is willing to provide it. However, often this technique is not advantageous, particularly for those over age 40. Based on the most recent research, as well as his personal experience, Dr. Yadava believes that…“Fat is where it’s at!”


Dr. Yadava is a former research microbiologist with Washington University and Merck. He has extensive experience in tissue and wound healing techniques and ensures that he achieves the maximum viable yield free of contamination and damage. He objectively measures his outcomes in an effort to continually improve.

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Dr. Yadava has precise harvesting and processing protocols for stem cell therapy. Meticulous technique, the most up to date equipment and ensuring patients are well educated pre and post procedure helps to ensure cell survival or “take” and results in superior outcomes. In addition, thoughtful attention is given to the patient experience including lighting and personalized music if desired. This results in the comfortable collection of one’s own (autologous) MSCs which are then transplanted back into the patient.The entire process is performed in our comprehensive procedural and imaging facility. A patient’s cells are NEVER greater than 10 feet away from them. Once concentrated, the cells are then injected back into the patient on the same day. Once injected, stem cells follow inflammatory signals from damaged tissues and attach to these tissues to initiate a “supercharged” repairing process. They secrete proteins and peptides that stimulate the natural healing of damaged tissue.


We have a comprehensive facility with digital x-ray, c-arm/portable x-ray, ultrasound for diagnosis and needle guidance as well as a climate controlled “clean room” and laboratory adjacent to our procedural and imaging suites. We DO NOT send collected cells to an outside laboratory. We utilize exacting sterile technique in an environmentally controlled procedural suite and laboratory. The room temperature and air quality is monitored and the laboratory is illuminated by germicidal lighting. These painstaking details increase the safety and effectiveness of the procedure which result in the most optimal outcomes.

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