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IV Micronutrient Therapy FAQ

What is IV Micronutrient Therapy? It is simply the most direct and effective way to deliver vitamins, minerals, amino acids, peptides and other growth factors directly into the bloodstream to augment health well-being and healing. This increases the blood concentration of several essential vitamins and minerals far beyond what can be achieved when taking oral supplements.

What conditions can be treated with IV micronutrient therapy? There is a wide variety of conditions that can be treated with IV micronutrient therapy including but not limited to osteoporosis, diabetes, fibromyalgia, fatigue, bone health, detox, migraines, muscle repair, neuropathy, post-cancer repletion, pre-pregnancy, vitamin deficiencies and other performance related problems. This therapy can also be utilized for preventative measures. 

IV Micronutrients vs. Oral Vitamins: Micronutrient deficiencies are very common and can be caused by a variety of different things such as poor dietary habits and changes in the quality of foods. The benefit of IV micronutrients is that oral intake of such a high dose of micronutrients is simply not possible. No matter how many supplements you take of food you eat, your gut is not as efficient or effective at delivering these nutrients at a cellular level which is vital for success/health. Therefore, IV therapy allows you to get the micronutrients needed to quickly correct these deficiencies.

Who makes a suitable candidate? Everyone is considered a good candidate for IV therapy, as a majority of people have micro-nutrient deficiencies. IV micronutrient therapy is a broad reaching therapy product that can help with many problems. This therapy can be used as a vehicle to diminish the impact of disease such as cancer, diabetes and organ failure. Whether you need help with nutrient deficiencies, overall health, to increase performance or just for preventative measures, IV therapy can help.

I am healthy, do I need IV micronutrient therapy? You can use IV micronutrient therapy as a preventative measure. We are exposed to numerous toxins every day and this type of therapy will help keep our circulatory system clean.

How often do you get an IV? The frequency is determined on a patient by patient basis as it is highly individually dependent and need dependent. Most people will get weekly treatments including a glutathione and Meyer’s cocktail which is a standardized way to sustain your nutritional balance. For health and wellness needs, it is recommended that patients receive at least one or two treatments per month.

How long do the results last? This varies among individuals. Treatments are spaced based on how each patient responds.

How much does it cost per treatment? The cost per treatment will vary depending on your individual needs are. The cost is approximately $120 per treatment. Our office does offer package deals that offer a discount on these services.

Is this covered by insurance? This therapy is not covered by your insurance company. Payment for these treatments will be collected at the time of service and will not be submitted to your insurance company. We do however provide very cost-effective solutions including packages.

Can I just come in for IV treatments or do I need to have a consultation? Before starting IV micronutrient therapy, we would schedule a consultation to determine your individual goals and needs. This will allow us to design an appropriate regimen that is contoured to your individual needs. The consult is $50 out-of-pocket and if you sign up for our services, it will be applied to your first treatment. If you have had IV micronutrient therapy performed in the past and have a specific therapy you prefer to continue, a consultation is not necessary.

What happens if I get too many vitamins doing the treatment? All of your treatments will be appropriately dosed and monitored to ensure that you achieve maximum absorption. In most circumstances, the body excretes whatever it cannot use.


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