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What kind of training does a Physiatrist receive?

To become a Physiatrist, individuals must successfully complete four years of graduate medical education followed by four additional years of post-doctoral residency training. Residency training includes one year in primary clinical skills and three additional years in the full scope of the specialty. Residency training focuses on teaching the fundamentals in the various inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation service lines as well as developing skills in communication/direction of a multi-disciplinary team. Fellowship subspecialty training programs in a number of disciplines are also available.
There are currently 80 accredited residency programs in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Many Physiatrists choose to pursue additional advanced degrees or complete fellowship training in a specific area. To become board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, physiatrists are required to take both a written and an oral examination administered by the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (ABPMR).  


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