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What kinds of differences do Physiatrists make?

Since physiatrists focus on restoring patients to maximum function, the impact made can be very impressive. Because physiatrists are concerned with all areas of rehabilitation (medical, vocational, and socioeconomic), a patient’s quality of life and function is often improved. The nature of physiatric training increases the opportunity for physiatrists to become excellent communicators and team leaders and certainly affords them direct experience with all ancillary medical professionals like prosthetics/orthotics fabricators, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, athletic trainers and other physicians/professionals. Multiple insurance studies have demonstrated that physiatrists are leaders in time and cost-effective patient care. They diagnose, educate and treat patients so that they can achieve optimal functional capacity and regain independence. They involve patients in an educational process that not only teaches the patient how to effectively heal, but also how to prevent injury or exacerbation.  


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