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Why Kneejuvenation?

Kneejuvenation helps maximize healing and improve or sustain performance and function.


Kneejuvenation is beneficial for anyone who wants to do everything that they can to protect their knees and avoid surgeries, including total knee replacement.


Kneejuvenation is a non-surgical option for those who have medical conditions that hinder healing or preclude them from being an optimal surgical candidate (diabetes, blood thinner, cardiac risk, etc).


Kneejuvenation can be of benefit to those who have had a failed knee surgery or are healing more slowly than desired following surgery.


Kneejuvenation stimulates, accelerates and hyper-magnifies the body's own natural healing abilities as opposed to steroids which suppress the body's natural response to injury.


Steroids work for approximately 6-8 weeks until depleted. PRP provides much greater sustained relief and healing through natural means.


With PRP, there is no chance for allergic reaction as your own cells are utilized. There is no significant risk of infection as these cells can actually help fight infection.


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